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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need credits to use Qlutch?

No. Qlutch is free to use online. You only need credits if you wish to download step-by-step plans to use offline.

How many credits do I need?

Each plan displays the number of credits required for download. Favorite your plans to calculate. You can always purchase more later.

How many plans can I download?

You can download plans that have a credit value at or lower than your credit balance. Each plan has its credit value listed under the title.

Can I download a plan more than once without it counting against my credit balance?

Yes! Once you’ve downloaded a plan, it will be accessible for future downloads that don’t count against your credit balance.

Where do I download plans?

You can download plans from the plan page, topic results or you may access previously downloaded plans from your account page.

Do I need credits for the Excel Files for Calculation?

Yes. Once you purchase credits, all Excel files are always available and don’t count against your credit balance.

How are credits calculated?

Credits are calculated on a plan-by-plan basis and are calculated by plan length, not perceived value. Longer plans require more credits.

How can I buy more credits?

Click on the Credits button and purchase more at any time.

What happens when I buy more credits?

Simple – your credit card is charged and the new credits are added to your current balance.

Do you provide refunds for unused credits?

We do not provide refunds for unused credits.

How long do credits last?

Credits last for 1 year from the purchase date and then expire.

Are there any restrictions on plan use?

You may use the plans offline to work on your marketing project. However, you may not resell or publically distribute our content. Please see our terms and conditions.

The People Behind Qlutch

Qlutch is owned by Edmundson Group. We’ve been providing marketing guidance to consultants, entrepreneurs and marketing leaders since 2004.

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