Content in the Excel Files for Calculations

Here is a preview of the worksheets in the Qlutch Excel Files for Calculation.

March 16, 2017 Announcements

Content in the Excel Files for Calculations

Many of the Qlutch plans reference preprogrammed Excel workbooks that assist with the complex calculations. When a plan mentions use 6.9.a to calculate your projected marketing ROI, it’s referencing the Excel workbook “6.9 – Marketing Campaigns” and worksheet “a.”

View them by clicking the Excel Files for Calculation link under the Table of Contents in your plan view.

Qlutch Excel Files for Calculation


Once you purchase credits (at any amount), all Excel files are always available for download and don’t count against your credit balance.

There are 24 workbooks containing approximately 150 programmed worksheets. The Excel files contain macros created in Visual Basic. They are safe to open. Below are screenshots of what each of the 150 worksheets contain.

3.7 – Distribution Channels

Distribution Channels

4.8 – Pricing


5.8 – Sales Process

sales process

6.9 – Marketing Campaigns

marketing campaigns

7.12 – Marketing Plan & Budget

marketing plan and budget

12.13 – Websites


16.8 – Customer Retention

customer retention

17.14 – Telemarketing


18.12 – Trade Shows & Events

trade shows and events

19.13 – Email Marketing

email marketing

20.12 – SEO and SEM

seo and sem

20.13 – Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization

20.14 – Search Engine Marketing

search engine marketing

21.10 – Online Advertising

online advertising

22.14 – Publicity


23.11 – Direct Mail

direct mail

24.19 – Traditional Media

traditional media

25.8 – Sales Management

sales management

26.20 – Vendor Selection

vendor selection

27.10 – Return on Investment

return on investment

28.6 – Customer Lifetime Value

customer lifetime value

29.10 – Copywriting and Graphic Design

copywriting and graphic design

30.6 – Recruiting


31.1 – Content Marketing

content marketing

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